America, AmeriKKKa, is a racist country.
The United States is a racist nation. It is a white supremacist construct. This nation was built by the stolen labor of enslaved Africans on stolen land and cemented by the under-compensated torturous labor of abused Chinese immigrants. The working class and middle class built on this foundation –with the white working class granted admission to the middle class through programs like the G.I. Bill excluding  black folk by design. The foundational structures of this nation are racist and continue to produce and maintain racist outcomes firmly rooted in white supremacy. That is structural racism.
Within the walls and halls of the white supremacist institutions that make up this racist nation, our individual racists and their individual and collective acts of interpersonal racism continue to bind all these structures together. 
When given a choice, the people of this nation chose bigotry. They chose racist rhetoric. They chose racialized police violence including murder and televised  snuff films on 24-hour loops. They chose to take people’s children hostage and expose them to abuse, neglect and disease to batter their way into a whiter nation.
This is a racist nation. There is and can be no doubt. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris lied through their teeth when they said this is not a racist nation. They told a white lie. Not an innocent, less serious lie in the white supremacist fabrication that white lies are somehow better lies. They told a nakedly white supremacist lie. 
I was neither surprised nor disappointed. To achieve power in this nation requires submission to the white supremacist fiction that this country is not racist and like the police, has a few bad apples and a few poor policies. One might hope that this submission is in service to working to dismantle the white supremacist house from the inside. But it comes with a cost, too high a cost when you have to lie about the white supremacist house you’re sleeping in.