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For sermons, lectures, presentations and commentary on:

  • Hebrew Bible
  • Womanist/Feminist Biblical Interpretation
  • Women Prophets and Prophets (broadly)
  • Biblical Translation and Interpretation
  • Use of Scripture in the Public Square
  • The Bible and Black Lives Matter
  • White Supremacy in Biblical Interpretation and in the Church
  • Dead Sea Scrolls and other Canons of Scripture
  • Midrash and Rabbinic Literature
  • Muslim, Jewish and Christian Interfaith Conversations
  • Sermons and Adult Christian Education/Formation

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Wil Gafney

Upcoming Events:

1 March 2020: Westside Unitarian Universalist Church, Fort Worth TX

15 March 2020: Pleasant Hope Baptist Church, Baltimore MD

22 March 2020: Trinity Episcopal Church, Fort Worth TX

29 April 2020: Trinity Episcopal Church, Fort Worth TX

20 September 2020: Princeton University Chapel, Princeton, NJ

18 October 2020: Vinings Lake Church, Mableton GA

Black Lives March

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