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Please Note: I am not generally able to accept invitations with less than 9-12 months lead time and, I generally book 12-18 or even 24 months in advance.

Womanists Wading in the Word™ productions offer enrichment in the academic, religious and spiritual lives of individuals and institutions, church and synagogue congregations, clergy and lay persons, seminarians and students in academic religious disciplines through Dr. Gafney’s expertise in Hebrew biblical scholarship and womanist biblical scholarship through sermons, lectures, presentations, retreats, workshops and media requests any Wil Gafney book or other publication or on:

  • Hebrew Bible
  • Womanist/Feminist Biblical Interpretation
  • Women Prophets and Prophets (broadly)
  • Biblical Translation and Interpretation
  • Preaching the Hebrew Bible
  • Use of Scripture in the Public Square
  • The Bible and Black Lives Matter
  • White Supremacy in Biblical Interpretation and in the Church
  • Dead Sea Scrolls and other Canons of Scripture
  • Midrash and Rabbinic Literature
  • Muslim, Jewish and Christian Interfaith Conversations
  • Sermons and Adult Christian Education/Formation

Requests made at least six months in advance will generally be able to be accomodated. Requests made 12-18 months in advance are more likely to be fulfilled on the desired dates.

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Wil Gafney

Upcoming Events:



19-22 April, Saint Luke Episcopal Church, Atlanta, GA, Lecture & Preaching

21-23 May, Birmingham UK, Birmingham University, the Cadbury Lectures

26 May, Saint Paul Cathedral, London UK, Lecture

23-29 June, Columbus, OH, Methodist Theological Seminary of Ohio, Jarena Lee Preaching Academy

7-28 July, All Saints Episcopal Church, Kapa’a, HI, Supply Preacher



7-9 February, Coral Gables, FL, Coral Gables Congregational UCC, Lecture & Preaching

17-19 April, Christ Church Cathedral, Indianapolis, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday & Easter Vigil Sermons

1-18 July, Jerusalem, Notre Dame de Sion, Course: Women Prophets in Ancient Israel

25 July-1 August, Holden Village, Chelan WA

18 October, Diocese of Arizona, Keynote address 



1 February, Knippa Lecture, Grace Lutheran Church, Tulsa OK

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