It seems like the resurrection generated more questions than it answers. Now what? The old questions are still on the table, will Jesus use his power to restore Israel to a self-governing monarchy? The good news exists in the crucible of Roman occupation. The resurrection has not dispensed with the Romans and their brutality and there are still crosses on the hills of Jerusalem. There are murmurs of an ascension, that Jesus will ascend to heaven like Elijah. Will the chariot of fire return? Will Jesus return with legions oh celestial warriors to set everything aright? How soon? Even with all the uncertainty, there is joy. Christ has triumphed over the grave and so many women and men and children have seen and touched him — even though their stories haven’t been told. They are forming themselves into a community, one that for a while will look like Jesus but all too soon succumb to the temptations of power, hierarchy and patriarchy. It will be a very long time before they begin to see that enslavement is inconsistent with the gospel even though Jesus did not condemn it. They are imperfect people forming an imperfect church.