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Pentecost 22

These lessons move from the founding and foundations of monarchies to the foundations of worship and the founding of places of worship. In the first lesson the machinations of monarchy are in the background and the focus is on constructing an edifice in which and with which to worship God. Solomon is a better candidate...... Read More

Pentecost 15

Hello stranded pilgrims. I left you in the wilderness while I went off preaching. The sermon the Sunday before last, “Collateral Damage” is the Pentecost 15 reading in Year A. It shares the first lesson with Year W. What looks like a grand heroic episode in which David rescues his kidnap wives and the wives...... Read More

Pentecost 4

On this Sunday closest to America’s national holiday, the readings focus on lust, greed and power. A useful reminder that the American experiment is not an innocent endeavor. The pursuit of freedom included black troops and martyrs like Crispus Attucks but the legislated endowment of freedom allowed for and protected the enslavement of Africans, disenfranchisement...... Read More


I fell off the reflection writing wagon. Initially, due to my travel and writing schedule. I’m trying to find the rhythm of writing now that the semester is over. Then, like many of my readers, I sat appalled with my hand over my mouth like Job, consumed with grief and rage at the slaughter of...... Read More

Lent 4

The theme of the fourth Sunday of Lent is often lighter than the other Sundays, traditionally focusing on joy and rejoicing while the other Sundays may focus heavily on repentance. Here the theme is the joy of love. The first lesson focuses on the love of a woman for her beloved, the psalm, the faithful...... Read More

Lent 2

Self-examination is one of the pillars of Lent that I find to be often overlooked. Today’s lessons provide an opportunity to examine ourselves and our stories, the stories our ancestors told about themselves and that we continue to tell about ourselves. The stories about the genesis of humanity also allow us to reflect on the...... Read More