The 12 day Christmas party is over. But there are yet more treasures in store. Epiphany is a season of revelation. God draws back the curtain on mystery and wonder granting us a glimpse of unfolding redemption. In these lessons, devastated, conquered, ravished Jerusalem is raised up by the tender hand of God, presented here as her parent, from the dust into which she has been cast. As with the exodus past, God’s faithful promises become a path into the future upon which one can look back in each season of terror and devastation a know that God has never abandoned her people.  The psalm widens the perspective on God’s love. It reaches from the very heavens to the ends of the earth and is bestowed upon all the woman-born and more, extends to all the creatures of Earth. There are no biological or geographical limits to God’s love. The revelations in the lessons from the second testament are even more epiphanous. Jesus is identified with and as the Wisdom of God, that feminine aspect of God with and through whom creation unfolded according to Proverbs and later writings. And, having grown up quite a bit in the past two weeks (but will return to toddlerhood for a brief moment soon) Jesus is a revelation full of revelations. The God in him is made manifest, drawing him to the house of God, to the word of God, to himself. He is a sage child, a holy child, a boy on the cusp of manhood and, he is still Mary’s baby.