An excerpt from my womanist midrash of the story of the two sisters commonly called “Lot’s daughters” on

The story is usually referred to as “Lot and His Daughters” or some such locution that emphasizes Lot’s place as the protagonist of the biblical story. The story can also be read as the sisters’ story, but to do that requires an unwieldy title such as “Two Unnamed Sisters and their Father Lot.”[1]

  1. A note on the stubbornness of patriarchal bias: In keeping with the point made above, the preferential title for this piece was “Two Unnamed Sisters Sexually Manipulated by their Father Lot.” In the end, we went with, “Lot Sexually Manipulates His Two Daughters,” though it decenters the sisters and centers Lot—counter to good womanist and feminist practice!—so the piece will be more easily searchable. To subvert the traditional patriarchal naming practice would relegate this reading further to the margins.