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Now available Womanist Midrash: A Reintroduction to the Women of the Torah and the Throne and the Wisdom Series Commentary on Nahum, Habakkuk and Zephaniah.

51+plP9fdmL My essay: “A Womanist Midrash on Zipporah” in I Found God in Me available here.

My essay “It Does Matter If You’re Black or White, Too Black or Too White, but Mestizo is Just Right” in Re-Presenting Texts: Jewish and Black Biblical Interpretation is available here.

Translation Matters:
A Fem/Womanist Exploration of
Translation Theory and Practice
for Proclamation in Worship
Available as a free download from SBL (pdf – opens in a new browser window)

Daughters Of Miriam

Daughters Of Miriam

Daughters of Miriam: Women Prophets in Ancient Israel, available here.

The Africana Bible, available here. My essays: “Reading the Hebrew Bible Responsibly” and “Ruth.”

 The Africana Bible

The Peoples' Bible

The Peoples’ Bible

The Peoples’ Bible, available here.

The Peoples’ Companion to the Bible, available here.

The People's Companion to the Bible
leviticus and numbers cover My essay: “A Queer Womanist Midrashic Reading on Numbers 25:1-18” in Leviticus and Numbers, available here.

My sermon on the occasion of the inauguration of President Barack Hussein Obama in The Audacity of Faith, available here

The Audacity of Faith
Christian Holiness & Human Sexuality, Gary R. Hall & Ruth A. Meyers, editors, Chapter 2: “Scripture: Sexuality and Sexual Orientation” by Wil Gafney (available here)

My commentary and bible studies on Genesis in the Pastors Bible Study Vol. 3 available here.




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    Rev. Gafney: I recently stumbled upon and then purchased your Womanist Midrash for my wife (who, as it happens, is a Jew). We both love your work!!! but the font in the paperback is too small for her (she has glaucoma and is age 70). I will buy the book again, in ebook format, so that I can read it aloud to her–but it’s really not a quick read, and she’d dearly love a hard copy she can underline, margin-note, cross-ref, etc. Any possible way that we could somehow obtain a digital copy from you, so that I can print it out on 8/5×11? I know: this is a very odd and perhaps unprecedented request. (Certainly I’ve never asked such a thing of anyone, before) but will you think about it, please? Of course, we will both sign whatever you might need us to, to protect your intellectual property rights. In either case, we both thank you (thank you, thank you) for your excellent and most liberating work.

    1 October 2017 at 12:36 pm

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