Welcome to Wading in the Waters of the Word™ with A Women’s Lectionary

Gentle Readers, Followers, Preachers, Pray-ers, Thinkers and Visitors, Welcome!

Welcome to this space where you can share your worship – liturgy and preaching – preparations – using  A Women’s Lectionary for the Whole Church. We begin in Advent 2021 with Year W, a single, standalone Lectionary volume that includes readings from all four Gospels. (We will continue with Year A in Advent 2022 to align with the broader Church.) In advance of each week, I will start the conversation and set the space for you all. I will come through time to time, but this is your space. Welcome!

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A Women’s Lectionary For The Whole Church

Session 1, October 16, 2021
Rev. Wil Gafney, PhD at Myers Park Baptist Church

Plenary 1 | Translating Women Back Into Scripture for A #WomensLectionary
This session introduces participants to frequently unexamined aspects of biblical translation in commonly available bibles and the intentional choices made in “A Women’s Lectionary for the Whole Church.”

A Women’s Lectionary For The Whole Church

Session 2, October 16, 2021
Rev. Wil Gafney, PhD at Myers Park Baptist Church

Plenary 2 | Reading Women in Scripture for Preaching, Study, and Devotion
This session provides an overview of “A Women’s Lectionary for the Whole Church,” its genesis, production, and content. There is also an in-depth exploration of specific passages appointed for specific days including time for public and private reading and discussion.

Lectionary Lectio

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Advent 2 Year W

This week the sacred stories converge to tell a story of a holy family that extends beyond a nuclear family or even a single lineage. It begins with the family we might today call Iraqi who will become the ancestral parents of the people who will come to be called Israel, a reminder that we are one human family. The psalm calls us to preserve our ancestral heritages across generations by by telling and teaching our stories of and with God. As the generations unfold and we wait for the culmination of the great story, Romans calls us to persevere and hope for that which we do not yet see. The gospel marks the climax of the story beyond compare. The sacred story is bigger than any one individual or people. The ark of salvation bears us all. In the present it can be difficult to reconcile our shared identity as the family of God with the very serious issues that divide and fracture us. At the same time, our shared identity does not require erasure of the identities we already have in our families and lineages. The Church has always struggled to accept these realities, preferring instead to sanctify some identities, genders, ethnicities, nationalities and, ways of practicing and believing above others. This new year on the calendar of the Church offers a new beginning, another chance to live into the richness of the tapestry that is the heritage of God as the story unfolds.

Advent 1 Year W

Welcome Gentle Friends and Colleagues. I am delighted that you have decided to journey through the Christian year with A Women’s Lectionary for the Whole Church. We begin Advent with the first annunciation in the scriptures, we meet God our midwife, we see Christ take the form of an enslaved person and we witness another annunciation that raises some questions. Come, ponder and post and I will drop in from time to time.

Updated to include this week’s and last week’s psalms set to music at Holy Trinity Lutheran in Port Angeles, Washington.


Translation, Wil Gafney; Music, Noel Smith 


Translation, Wil Gafney; Music, Noel Smith